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Mass Transfer

Graham Hart (Process Technology) Limited provide a full service of design and manufacture of Distillation, Adsorption, Separation and Scrubber Columns. Providing Mass Transfer Design by one of the best known Computer modelling Programs available and Mechanical Design for vacuum or positive pressure and Wind Loading.

Stringent Quality Control and accuracy during manufacture ensure correct positioning of packing and tray supports to guarantee the reliable performance of the column.

Columns may be supplied as basic vessels for fitting out and packing on site or "Fully Dressed" with access platforms, ladders, insulation, instrumentation and lighting wiring, ready to be placed onto foundation bolts.


  • Absorber Columns
  • Distillation Columns
  • Gas Scrubber Columns
  • Stripper Columns
  • Fractionating Columns
  • Direct Contact Condensers
  • Reaction Fractionation Columns


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