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In an industry where safety is paramount and attention detail must be second to none, Graham Hart (Process Technology) Limiteds high integrity, high precision heat exchangers find themselves at home.

We see the Nuclear sector as a partnership with each company playing it's part in keeping the industry safe, to the highest level of Quality in the most cost effective manner and on time. Equipment must be Right First Time using the latest in innovative technology

Civil Nuclear New Build

After over a decade opperating in the Nuclear propulsion industry, Graham Hart (Process Technology) Ltd., embarked on the Fit 4 Nuclear (F4N) programme with the Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (NAMRC).

Material traceability and machining to high tolerances were already part of our credentials. The F4N programme provided a framework to allow us to perform gap analysis on our skills raising the company to new levels. One example of is the introduced of the SQEP (Suitably Qualified Experienced Personnel) philosophy to our Training Matrix ensuring that being either trained or qualified in a skill is not enough. F4N is a never ending journey of self assessment and improvement covering all areas of the business.

Fit 4 Nuclear
Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre

Civil Nuclear Decommissioning

Graham Hart (Process Technology) Ltd. are proud to be a signatury to the Supply Chain charter for Nuclear Decommissioning.

Supply Chain Charter for Nuclear Decommissioning Site Signatory


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