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Specialists in the design and manufacture of process plant and equipment for the Chemical, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Food, Process and Energy Industries.

The first choice for many Companies whose engineers know that they can pass on the burden of thermal and mechanical design enabling them to meet critical schedules.

Design and supply of:

- Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers - Distillation Columns - Reactor Vessels - Packaged Plant - Air Blast Heat Exchangers - Reboilers - Replacement Tube Bundles - Heat Exchanger Re-Tubing - Tank Suction Heaters - Economisers - De Superheaters - Spray Condensers - Limpet Coil & Jacketed Vessels - Agitated Vessels - Pressure Storage Vessels - Catalytic Contactors - Adsorbtion Columns - Evaporators - Separation Columns - Reflux Dividers - Heavy Wall Expansion Bellows - Falling Film Evaporators - Oil Coolers - Condensers - Boiler Feed Pre Heaters - Air Coolers - Oil Heaters - Climbing Film Evaporators - And Much Much More.....